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Address: Veliki Curciluk 21 Stari Grad / Sarajevo

Email: info@gony.ba

Tel: +387 62 036 988

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Racun Broj: 1861220310794753


Dear users, please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using our services. Every visit to our website, as well as purchases, means that you have read these terms and agree with them in full. If they are unacceptable to you, please do not use this presentation.

Maria Puder d.o.o. allows you to use the services and content of your portal, which is subject to the following Terms of Use. Terms of use apply to all contents and services of mariapuder.ba. By using any part of the portal, it is considered that the users are familiar with these conditions, as well as to accept the use of the content of this portal exclusively for personal use and at their own risk.

General Rules

The seller undertakes to offer all users of the website under equal conditions, without discrimination and under the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Purchase of correct and safe products in original packaging via the Internet with the necessary instructions and explanations, and acquainting the customer with the properties of the goods at his request.

If the seller offers special payment terms to certain groups, these terms will be clearly stated.

The buyer of the product can be any natural, adult and legally capable person or legal entity that buys the offered products for their personal needs or for the needs of a certain activity.

The contract may be concluded in the name and on behalf of the minor and the totally incapacitated person by their legal representatives or guardians. Partially able-bodied persons may conclude a contract only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. The Seller shall not be liable for any act contrary to this provision.

The buyer who does not accept these General Terms and Conditions and the jurisdiction of the court in Sarajevo, should refrain from buying through this Internet store and buy products in the classic stores of the Seller according to legal regulations and internal rules that apply in the sales network.

We inform you that despite our best intentions, we cannot guarantee that the published information, images and prices do not contain defects and errors that cannot be the legal basis for the lawsuit.

Shipping and Delivery

Cargo shipments within Bosnia and Herzegovina are made through A2B company.

Local deliveries are made within 2-3 business days. The company can also deliver on Saturday in regions where possible.

Shipping fee is covered by us for purchases of 100 KM or more within the country. For orders under 100 KM, the shipping fee is 8 KM.

For product or number change requests, the shipping fee is covered by the buyer.

The delivery of orders from Serbia and Montenegro is made with the Postpak application of BH Posta.

Delivery time is 7-10 days. Post office delays are not caused by the Seller and are not the seller's responsibility.

For overseas deliveries, the shipping fee is 10 KM for purchases of 100 KM or more, and 25 KM for other orders.

For product or number change requests, the shipping fee is covered by the buyer.

Subject, content and amendment of the General Terms and Conditions:

These General Terms and Conditions are available to Customers at any time and can be saved, reused and reproduced.

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the Buyer and the Seller regarding the terms and manner of ordering the product, product prices, terms, deadline and methods of payment, terms of guarantee for the correctness of the sold product - complaints, the Buyer's right to written complaint the right to withdraw from the contract, termination of the contract, protection of personal and other data, applicable law and jurisdiction of the court in Sarajevo and other issues important for concluding a contract of sale through the Internet store.

The General Terms and Conditions of the Internet Store form an integral part of every purchase made between the Seller and the Buyer.

The Seller is authorized in accordance with its business policy and without prior notice to change the content of the General Terms, sales range of products, retail prices and other information related to the Internet store.

Due to the nature of access to the website, the Seller is not responsible for any damage that may occur on the devices and / or in connection with the devices of the Buyers accessed by the online store.

Release of Sellers from liability in case of data change:

The seller makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information published on the website. In addition, the characteristics of the products, their condition in the warehouse and the price may change so quickly that the Seller fails to update the information on the website in time.

In that case, the Seller will notify the Buyer of the changes as soon as possible and enable him to cancel the order or replace the ordered product.

Copyright, ownership and other related rights:

The seller is exclusively authorized to use the trademark and published content on the website and owns the copyright and other related rights to all content (texts, images, photographs, sketches, drawings, audio-video recordings, etc.) published on the main website and its derivatives / sub - pages.

The Seller has the right to initiate legal and other proceedings if it is determined that the copyright and other related rights of the published content have been abused or that the images to which the Seller claims the right in relation to the sales and marketing campaign are abused.

The seller may use cookies (so-called cookies) to collect and process user data. This data is used for the purpose of collecting aggregate statistics on users, and the date and time of their access to websites and social sites. In the event that the data collected through cookies represent the personal data of the user, all the rules provided for the protection of personal data of buyers and users of the Seller's website apply to them.

Seller's websites and social networks may include links to third-party websites or social networks. Due to the nature of the global network, the Seller may guarantee the protection of personal data in accordance with these rules only for the websites and social networks it manages, and not for third parties.


All communication related to the ordering process and the conclusion of the sales contract between the Seller and the Buyer is done by e-mail and / or by telephone, the number of which the Buyer enters during the registration process.

Product availability labels:

The purchase process begins with the proper registration of the buyer, the statement of the buyer in the application that he has read, understood and accepts the General Terms and Conditions and the statement that he accepts the agreed applicable law and jurisdiction of the court in Sarajevo.

Customer registration:

Customer registration means registration of e-mail address and personal data: name and surname, address, postal code and city, telephone and (or) mobile and fax number, and for legal entities name and address, postal code and city, telephone number and ( or) mobile and fax, ID number, VAT number, transaction accounts in banks.

All further communication related to the ordering process and the conclusion of the sales contract between the Seller and the Buyer is done by e-mail and / or telephone.

Customers are required to provide accurate, valid and complete personal information when completing the registration form. The contrary conduct of the Buyer authorizes the Seller to refuse to sell the product or provide its services.

Protection of personal data of buyers and users of websites and social networks of Sellers:

Personal data of customers of products and services and users of websites as well as users of social networks Facebook, Instagram and the like, which are managed by "Maria Puder d.o.o." they are protected and kept in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Law on Consumer Protection and other positive regulations, and cannot be disclosed to third parties.

The personal data collected in this way will be used exclusively for the purpose of concluding and fulfilling the contracts and services provided. Personal data may also be used to inform users about product offerings and other similar marketing or promotional communications.

All user data is strictly kept and is available only to authorized employees and those who need this data to do the job.

The User has the right to supplement, change or delete personal data, as well as to oppose the processing of personal data for the purpose of promotional and marketing activities in writing to the official mail of the Seller.

The user guarantees that the information provided is accurate, complete and up-to-date and true, and by using the website and social networks confirms that he agrees to the use of his personal data in the manner and for the purpose as stated above.


The customer selects at least one product, puts it in the cart and sends the order. The product is ordered and sold under its name, characteristics and use values, with clear and detailed instructions for use, at stated prices and indicated costs including taxes and under these General Terms and Conditions.

If there are additional costs related to the payment of postage or a special type of delivery, it is borne by the Buyer in full.

Confirmation of the order by the Seller:

The Seller will confirm the order to the Buyer if the product is in stock within two working days at the latest, unless otherwise agreed with the Buyer. If the product is not in stock, the Seller will reject the order within the same period of two days, unless otherwise agreed with the Buyer.


All prices represent retail prices and are expressed in convertible marks (KM) and include VAT. Maria Puder d.o.o. Sarajevo, reserve the right to change retail prices at any time. Retail prices are valid at the time of receipt of the order. Products on sale are visibly marked with the price before and the price after the discount.

Date of Payment:

The deadline for payment of the purchase price of the product (the amount stated on the confirmed order) is 2 (two) days from the day when the Buyer receives notification from the Seller about the confirmed order, except in the case of payment by cash on delivery.

In the event that the Buyer does not pay the purchase price within that period, and the Seller and the Buyer have not agreed otherwise, the order confirmation becomes non-binding for the Seller and it is deleted from the system.

Seller's response to the complaint

The Seller is obliged to submit a response to the Buyer in writing within 8 (eight) days from the date of receipt of the complaint / request. If the complaint and the Buyer's request for elimination of defects are justified, the Seller will comply with the Buyer's request without delay. If the Seller disputes the defect in the answer, he will state the reasons why the request is not justified.

If the Seller disputes the defect, and the Buyer does not withdraw his request, the expert opinion on the justification of the request is given by the authorized institute or inspection body in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If the expertise proves a defect in the product or service, the costs of the expertise shall be borne by the Seller, otherwise they shall be borne by the Buyer.

In case of rejection of the complaint, a written notice is delivered to the customer's e-mail address. 

In case of acceptance of the complaint, the buyer can ask for a replacement item or money. If the buyer demands money, it will be paid into the bank account of the buyer within the period in accordance with the acts of the Company.

Applicable law and competent court

These General Terms and Conditions have been drafted in accordance with commercial regulations and the Law on Consumer Protection, the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Law on Obligations and other regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Seller and the Buyer will try to resolve all disputes amicably, and if they fail to do so, they agree on the jurisdiction of the court in Sarajevo in this electronic form and in writing when taking over the product.